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The wrong content on the wrong channel? S**** them!

By July 3, 2020December 29th, 2022No Comments

This video is a little more focused on LinkedIn content and the hatters out there. However, it is relatable to social media content in general.

Why do you spend time on these platforms? What do you want to watch or read? Or generally, what do you want to get out of it? It’s different for everyone but it think we should be grateful that people are willing to share their lives and content they’re proud of.

So let me ask, why are you here on this platform?

Have a great a weekend!

Shane Wenzel

Shane is the President & CEO of the Shane Homes Group of Companies and the namesake. Shane's responsibilities include strategic direction for the companies, policy advice for the building industry through BILD Calgary, and political involvement through the Alberta Enterprise Group on the economy, making him an industry leader in his field. Shane's sales and marketing background comes from growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, Cal and Edith, and participating in a business advisory group. On the personal side, Shane considers himself a bit of a "tech junky" and social media influencer on various platforms. He's also proudly apart of the LGBTQ community.