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In this thought-provoking video, join me, Shane Wenzel, as I dive deep into the controversial Bill C-11 and its potential implications for individual freedoms and our right to free expression in Canada.

As a Canadian with my freedom of rights, I want to shed light on how this new law could directly impact me and others like me. Bill C-11, proposed as an update to the Canadian Privacy Act, has raised concerns about increased government control and censorship of online content.

As I explore the bill’s provisions, I realize how it could restrict my ability to share my thoughts, opinions, and experiences with you, my loyal audience. Join me as I uncover the potential consequences of Bill C-11 on my channel and how it might infringe upon my right to express myself freely. Sensitive topics could become off-limits, and my content might face heightened scrutiny. This legislation poses a real threat to the creativity, diversity of thought, and overall vibrancy of our online community.

Together, let’s stay informed and engaged to safeguard our right to free expression in this rapidly changing digital landscape. I urge you to watch this urgent discussion on Bill C-11 and its potential implications. Please share this video with others who need to be aware of the potential impact of this legislation and join the conversation to protect our online freedoms.

Join me as we navigate the challenges presented by Bill C-11 and work towards preserving a space where our voices can be heard without unnecessary interference.

Shane Wenzel

Shane is the President & CEO of the Shane Homes Group of Companies and the namesake. Shane's responsibilities include strategic direction for the companies, policy advice for the building industry through BILD Calgary, and political involvement through the Alberta Enterprise Group on the economy, making him an industry leader in his field. Shane's sales and marketing background comes from growing up with two entrepreneurial parents, Cal and Edith, and participating in a business advisory group. On the personal side, Shane considers himself a bit of a "tech junky" and social media influencer on various platforms. He's also proudly apart of the LGBTQ community.